Wednesday, June 2, 2010

promised pics

Aloha; before I get to the before and aft pics of my workroom, I noticed that when I leave a comment on peoples blogs, my profile picture sometimes shows up and sometimes an X appears. I thought the photo appears automatically. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I'm not doing? Just wondering.
Okay, so here are the before pictures:

And now....

Those black and cream containers I got from Pricebusters. I think I now know where everyone of those stores are located. Those plastic drawers that hold my thread, bobbins and small sewing notions are a last minute pick up from BFC. I may be $200+ less in the pocket book, but my workroom is so easy to get around. I no longer step over piles of stuff and I know where everything is; so roomy.
I'm still wishing for an Original Scrapbox to house my papers, card stock and stamps, but that's another post...


  1. Wow! You got everything so organized... I love it! That's my dream... to someday have a room for all my crafts. Until then, I'll keep on dreaming! TFS!

  2. Oh, hi there I agree it is worth the money to organize and be able to know where things are and have easy access. Wonderful! I would love someone to come organize my whole home! lol... I feel spring cleaning this summer coming up~
    Have a wonderful weekend, Theresa
    Ps. it is Terri and Martha that host the tea party but I may start a craft project party soon~


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