Friday, January 7, 2011

First post for the New Year 2011

Aloha everyone,
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year celebration!
My workroom is a mess since Christmas, so I'm slowly putting everything away. But as I was putting things away, I noticed I didn't have a home for everything.  You see I bought supplies and "things" as well as received some new toys and I don't have a home for them.  Now I'm looking to re-arranging supplies and tools and wondering how I'm going to fit everything in one little room.  I do love this challenge!
Until a few days ago I was still in party mode and totally forgot to renew my drivers' license. Ugh!
 I guess you know where I'll be going tomorrow.
My family helped me celebrate another fun birthday.  My son and his family had a great pizza dinner for me the night before my birthday; I love pizza. Then my daughter and her family took me to a Hello Kitty restaurant in Waikiki on the day of for lunch; didn't know there was such a restaurant! I guess I don't get out as much as I thought. Anyway, the food was delicious (love seafood) and of course the company was wonderful.  Thanks Noe!
It appears I've left my camera at my daughter's, so I'll have to post pictures later. Sorry, I'll be taking pictures with my phone until I find my camera.
I just finished my first project of the year.  We were in dire need of a new clothespin bag. The constant rainy weather took it's toll on the other bag, so I made another one.
Hawaiian print canvas

 This is great fabric to use for this project. I also used this fabric to make a cover for my the BigShot Pro. I'm looking for other colors and prints for the small appliances in my kitchen.   
Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. love this clothespin bag! good luck with organizing your craft room! happy new year!

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my post and your heartfelt comments!... I love to visit you and see what is going on in Hawaii as well... I am just trying to find that "in~between" where I can do everything I love and still have time to blog... aloha... xoxo Julie Marie


Thanks for visiting my blog. Your comments make me happy, so even though it says "no comments", just click on it and comment away. Aloha!