Monday, November 30, 2009

Busy November

Well it's been a very busy November following the birth of my seventh grandchild. I try to remember to give my daughter and her family their privacy, but it's quite difficult when her babies are so beautiful!
I've gathered some photos and will try once again to post some craft and sewing ideas. Once I get those up and running, I'll let everyone know the address. I do plan to ask my nieces for their help, one has a degree in computer communications. Love them dearly and they're always so busy. They're back at school for more college degrees and they work if not one but two jobs. Hard working girls! So when I get them over here is anybody's guest.
For now, all I can do is blog once a month. Aloha

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Not working for me

This Blogger is just not working for me. I've been trying to post a tutorial that was created in Microsoft Office Word, pictures included, but was not allowed.
It appears the text is allowed without the pictures.
In order for the tutorial to be clear for the reader, the photos next to each step is necessary.
I did check with the forums on this blog site to see if others had the same problem. As far as I could see, the problems were similar and solved, because there were no pictures involved.
I guess I'll have to try blogging somewhere else where I can post tutorials with multiple photos.
For now, enjoy and be grateful for all you have---Creative Grammie

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Aloha Oukou (Greetings to you all)

Aloha Oukou! This is my first blog, though I've been using a computer for some years now, I've never considered blogging. You know how it's said that things happen for a reason? Well, I had a glitch with a particular writing site that was left unanswered and left unresolved, so I left that site. But I still wanted to get my tutorials out to those interested in my creative projects. I've been hemming and hawing and being indecisive about learning to blog or create a website since the incident.
So, I'm here; stepping out of my comfort zone, no excuses, no alibis. I know that you all will be patient with me as I take baby steps to learn how to blog and upload project sheets and photos to this blog spot.
So what can you expect to see here? Well, I have done all types of sewing, so there will be sewing projects, hints and shortcuts. Creating patterns and designs is such delight when brought to fruition. Secrets to designing and creating your own projects I'm sure will be a task you'll want to give a try.
I don't just do sewing projects, I also dabble in countless other crafts and I'm just bursting with excitement to share my ideas in Jewelry making, stained glass projects, paper making....I could go on and on. But I think you've got the idea.