Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Aloha Everyone;
This is the last day of September and I promised a winner to be picked for my blogaversary. And by the way I did use a hat, I only had to put 3 names in it, only 3 people entered. So the winner is...Brenda Ballesteros! Congratulations Brenda! Email me with your address sweetie so that I can send the book to you.
Thank you Becky and 1luvnmama for entering the give-away. Also thank you to Teri for your comment, I so appreciate it. If you all could email me your address, I do have a token of appreciation to send the three you.
So with this done I can get on with blogging.
Last week was a very busy week for me. I was lucky enough to participate in one of my grand-daughter's school grandparents' day celebration. We made a kite that really did fly; decorated it and put it together from scratch. Because of the wet weather we couldn't go out to fly it right away, but we finally did and I was quite surprised that it stayed up as long as the wind took it. Finally we had lunch together, then I waited for school to get out, so we could go shopping; early out Wednesday.
 After a day with my grand-daughter, I spent the next day finishing the last minute details for another gc's birthday tea party for Saturday. That was fun and my daughter and I had a great time making favors. I made purse favors and dd made covered comp. books. We had a mixture of boys and girls, so we had to improvise.
We all had a grand time! Malia got great gifts, we all had great food, the children had fun fishing for prizes and dipping in and out of the wading pool. When everyone went home, hubby and I couldn't wait for bedtime.
I have an exciting fun weekend coming up, I'll be sure to to fill you in later.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Blog Give Away!

Aloha everyone,
It's hard to believe I started this blog a year ago, I'm still working out the kinks and I still have much to learn about blogging.
I started to blog for a couple of reasons. I enjoy writing, it's like talking, only without the interruptions. And if I lose my train of thought, no one knows but me! Secondly, I love visiting other peoples' blogs who also enjoy crafting, cardmaking, sewing, vintage things and obviously those of us that blog must enjoy the art of writing.
Having said that, I wanted to do a give away. I mentioned the give away in an earlier post but I don't know how to do all the whistles and blinkies yet, so I'm sure the post will get lost. You can scroll down to the Sept. 7 post to see what the gift is. Now I'm sure I lost some followers, hopefully they'll catch notice that I'm back and enter the give away. I'll leave this on the top for this month.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fun at BenFranklin Crafts

This past Saturday BenFranklin Crafts had a re-grand opening of their Mapunapuna store. They treated their customers to cake, popcorn, juice and ice tea. Oh yeah, they had wonderful make and take project areas throughout the store.  Since most of my big projects were done, I decided to treat myself to doing fun craft things like showing up at BFC for yummy snacks and fun. I finally met Joy of "Joy of Crafting" show and blog; she is so fun to be with. At her staged area she taught us how to make a voltive tea-lite cake using scrapbook paper and card stock along with some punched designs. This is a great project for using up scraps. So cute!

I then moved over to Debz area, Debz of Rubberstamp Plantation, where I knew we would be doing a quick (I like quick), rubberstamp project, and yes we did make a stamped cover for a mini stick 'm notepad. She had tons of rubber stamps to choose from and some of her vintage plantation stickers that I just love. Another quick project that makes a great little gift when you meet your friends for lunch; you know, "just a little something I made for everyone" project.
This is a mini-I know it looks big here
I knew Cheryl Miyashiro of Life is Sweet blog was also doing a make 'n' take demo, so I headed over to her table which was standing room only. I waited my turn to make a gorgeously dressed ornament of cardstock, scrapbook paper, glitter and bling. She used the Big Shot die cutter to cut our shapes for us and we put it all together. Such Fun!  Also, I just wanted to say that I follow Cheryl's blog because she has quick and beautiful ideas and projects. Ok Cheryl, if you're reading this, you can pay me later. LOL

Finally, I made my way over to Aileen Tokita's area for some major bling! She is also fondly known as the "Egg Lady". She has taught many of us how to decorate real eggs of different sizes using Swarovski crystals. She is a wonderful designer/artist of a multitude of eggs and now she's spreading her bling  on cell phones, pill boxes, compacts, keychains, etc, etc,etc. If it's blank, she'll bling it and make it gorgeous. I did a star keychain which I'll use as a fob for one of my many handbags.
There were many demo make and takes, but unfortunately I couldn't make it to all of them. Maybe the next re-grand opening of another BFC store, I can play again. Thank you Milton and all the BFC staff for a fun day (actually 2 fun days)!
My next playdate will be October 2nd when I attend, for the very 1st time, stamp camp.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm Baack!

Aloha everyone;
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! I haven't posted for what seems like ages, but I just needed a break. It seems like I was on the computer more than in my workroom. Then I fell into a slump and couldn't think about projects, because I had unfinished and work projects that had to be completed.  Like cushion cover sets for paying customers, hemming a wedding gown, cover-up wrap for bakers racks and trying to stay out of my husband's way while he renovates our bedroom (oooh spooky). You know how it is, I really need to know what he's doing, so I can approve, right?
Then there's the grandchildren, I love having them over anytime they want to stop by. When they do go home, I'm exhausted.
But, this month is my anniversary month. It doesn't feel like it, but it is. So...I do have a give away. I bought two of these books last month; one is mine of course, and the other is the blog give away.  Okay, if you want this book (see below), leave a comment for this post stating that you want a chance at this free book and follow my blog. At the end of the month, one of my grandchildren will have the honor of pulling a name out of the hat (package), and I'll announce the winner at the beginning of October.

This book, "Delight in the details" by Lisa M. Pace is chock full of wonderful projects and ideas. The book-aholic that I am thought maybe someone else might like this book too! So, good luck to all who enter.