Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Backpack Favors for the Birthday Party!

Aloha everyone,
It's been one hectic week since returning from my trip to Nevada.  I spent the entire week concentrating on making these backpacks that my daughter used as  party favors bags for her daughter's party.  It was  a small party just my grandchildren (8 of them) , my neighbor's little son, and a cousin of the birthday girl.  I just made nine bags since the newborn is well, newborn.  Though that would have been a sight to see her with a miniature one!
The theme for this party was "My Little Pony".  I couldn't find any fabric in her theme, so I thought I might look for it while on my trip.  Long story short---zippo.  But, this is what I came up with for the little girls.

What I did was photo copy a picture from a MLP storybook onto fabric to  create a pocket as the focal point of the bag.  The outer fabric is a pink star print that has a shimmer of glitter.  The lining and straps is a stripe. 
That's not all, for the oldest grandchild, I did a photo copy (again on fabric) of Justin Bieber for her bag.  I reversed her bag; stripes for the outer and shimmering pink for the lining.
Sorry for the blurry photo
But wait, there's more (sounds like, as seen on tv huh?).  The boys were the easiest, I just used fabric that had the "Cars" print as liner, pocket and straps, using a solid blue for the outer fabric.
The bags are about 12x10x2.5 inches, so there was plenty of room for the goodies planned for it.  
The party was a success, party girl was happy, mommy and daddy were happy, grammie was glad, but oh so tired.
Have a wonderful rest of the week, thanks for stopping by for a visit.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Child Is Born! And A Much Needed Vacation From a Vacation

Finally our newest family member has arrived. Kira entered the world on 9/11 at a hefty weight of 9 pounds.  I'm not biased (hah) but I must say, she is a beautiful baby!  Not sure when I can post a pic of this beautiful bundle of joy, but as soon as I get permission, I will do just that.
I'm finally home from my trip and am trying to play catch up in blogland.  Why I didn't access any blogs while away (hello, I did take my ipad2), is a mystery.
I got home Friday in the middle of the day, dashed over to my daughter's to see Kira, hubby helped make dinner for the family, we ran several errands before heading home and by the time we finally did get home it was well into the dinner hour.
Saturday morning I went to the BFC 60th Anniversary party in Mapunapuna, dashed off to the Trade show to p/u supplies for DD and myself, then finally back to DD's house to share the spoils.
This is the make and take project I did at BFC that Cheryl taught and we received this party favor as we walked into the store.
CD holder/card and party favor
 We used the BigShot Pro die to cut a CD holder, then deocorated the top closure.  This is such a cool project in that it could be used as a greeting card, adding a CD that has photos of a previous Christmas or other occasion and it becomes a greeting card and gift.  How cool is that?!
Well I have a bunch of party things to put together for GD #2, it's this coming weekend.  Thank goodness my daughter likes to keep the parties small. I'll keep you posted.
Aloha for now,