Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where Bloggers Create 2011

This year is just flying by so quickly I can't believe it's mid July!
So, it's Blog hopping time and I'm so grateful to be participating again in Where Bloggers Create.  Thank you Karen!
Well I haven't made any major changes in my little corner workroom.  My dear husband put in awning windows which by the way was a second-hand from Craigslist; just doing our part in staying green. So glad to be rid of those jealousy windows; always having to close them when it rains.
Craigslist awning windows
 He also changed the door to my hideaway to an old french door which was one of two that use to be in our bedroom; yes, repurposing.  How's that for an oxymoron; hideaway, french door (glass)?

I took out the treadle machine/table and moved it to another part of the house so that I could put this fold-away table in its place.   We had a store here in Hawaii called Liberty House and when they were bought by Macy's, they were getting rid of some of LH stock. This table was one of them; cost only $15 and also came with a folding chair. This is a great work station for papercrafting.
This has been moved
Now this is in its place
I also did a few changes with the wall unit above this table. I've heard that it is better (?) to have our markers, whether copics or otherwise, resting horizontally than vertically. I've been shopping for a unit I once saw in a stamp store where the cubicles were slightly slanted towards the back, but couldn't find one.  So, since my wall unit has adjustable shelves with those little plugs you insert into the sides and the shelves rest on the plugs, what I did was insert the back plugs one hole below the front.  Oh yeh, problem solved! Now when I grab a marker when I'm working, a bunch won't come tumbling out.

Another thing I wanted nearby when papercrafting was a ribbon station.  I just don't have enough wall space so again, I took part of the wall unit and made some minor adjustments.  I took some chair/stool leg caps, cut a portion of the sides off; about a half inch, screwed them into the wall sides with the cut-open side up. Just loaded the ribbons on the dowel that I cut to the measurement between the section.  Now I can lift the dowel to add more ribbons or take off the empty spools. Love it!

I still have my work/cutting table, but I've had to use it lately to hold the overflow of equipment for papercrafting.
Easy to get to instead of hiding it in a box
 I'm running out of room in here. I've moved one thing, just one, into the guest room, my Bigshot pro.  My dream is to turn the guest room into the papercrafting room.  One of my dear friends just said to me a few days ago that, "dreams don't expire; dreams don't have deadlines".  I'm inclined to believe her. I'll be patient.
Another addition to my workroom is this lovely free standing cupboard.

I got it from Ross's for about $139; the color was perfect and I knew just where it would go. It took the place of the plastic Iris drawers on wheels. This piece holds most of my jewelry making goodies. I also got these plastic containers that have flat containers inside. They're sold as 4"x6" photo keepers, but...they hold my seed beads by color and other fun glass beads and gems. The thing is, I got the first two containers from BFC using the 40% coupon which brought the price from 21.99 to 13+.The coupons now are every other month; I wasn't going to wait.  I actually found them at Simple Living for about the same low price without a coupon.

My workroom may not be magazine, drool-to-die for, but I do have fun working here. And if Nate Berkus should ever come to Hawaii, I would love to have his crew decorate a good working space right here in this same space with a budget I could afford.
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