Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Flower Swap and Trip

Aloha everyone,
I just want to share with you the flowers I made for a flower swap I joined, started by my friend Linda.  My photography is not great, but can you see the very dainty swirly flourish? I picked up about three of these wonderful dies by Memory Box from A Place In Time.  They're so dainty, I love using them.  Just run them through your Bigshot.   I used crepe paper from Melissa Frances to make the flower and leaves and added glitter and rhinestones.  I used a pearlized cardstock I bought some time ago from Creations Unlimited, to cut out the flourish.  These aren't due until the last week of the month, but I'm going on a trip and have to make sure they get to Linda before I leave.
almost packed and ready to ship

I'm looking forward to visiting my BFF in Texas! I leave this Wednesday (ooh, that's tomorrow), and won't be back until the thirty-first.  Posting will be far and few between when I'm gone.  While visiting in Texas, we're going on a side trip to New Orleans.  So when we're there, I'll be visiting Cindy Adkins of Whimsical Musings.  I can't wait!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

And the Winner is.....

Aloha everyone,
In the US continent it's already noon. So, I thought perhaps I'd better announce the winner of my giveaway.  Drumrolllllllllllll:
The first winner is Julie Campbell from A Vintage Chic!  Yeah!  So dear Julie, please email me so we can get the detes squared away, don't forget to send me your address.  And yes, because your name was picked first, you get to choose which prize you want.

Ok, drumrolllllll:  The second winner is:  Lynn Stevens of Trash To Treasure.
Congratulations to both of you! Hope to hear from you soon.

I understand that some of you couldn't get through to leave a comment.  I'm so sorry, don't know what happened, but I understand that Blogger has been acting up.  And I've had that happen to me on other blogs under Blogger when I tried to leave a comment.  But there's another chance to enter another one of my giveaways I'm planning when I reach 100 followers.  We'll talk about that when the time comes.
I'd like to thank Sweet Land Paper Treats for being my newest follower.  Big mahalo to you Sweets!
That's it for now, have a great week!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Only One More Day Left!

Aloha everyone,
This month is going by so quickly! I'm writing this at 10:30 pm, so it must be midnight in most parts of the US continent.  Which means dear family and friends, there's only one more day for everyone to sign up for the giveaway!  Just scroll down below to the giveaway post and leave a comment there and your name will be added to the hat.
Here's another card I made using the Martha Stewart punch, and one of the  Sisters' stamp.

 That's it for now.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year and Giveaway Time!

Aloha everyone!
I'm glad to be back and ready to start crafting. Let me bring you up to speed.  The last time I posted was just before Christmas day, my dog Hoku was improving immensely from her illness of which a cause still remains a mystery, she was put on prednisone which actually did the trick to bringing her back to her usual self.  It was truly a Christmas gift for me when she wanted to eat again and play.  Well, my schedule was definitely thrown off the track, so in order for me to get Christmas things done, I had to stay off the computer and totally concentrate on the tasks at hand. 
Now that the holiday season is over, I run smack into my birthday.  So...to celebrate my birthday, I want to have a giveaway.  I have a book and a punch to give to a couple of winners.  The book is titled "A Charming Exchange"  and the punch is a Martha Stewart punch all over the page punch.
Two prizes=Two winners!
  You don't have to do much, just leave a comment on this post to say you'd like to enter this contest.  You don't have to be a follower, nor do you have to follow my blog.  I don't want to bribe anyone to follow me though I am striving to hit 100 followers; I want people to be followers because they enjoy my blog.
I also have a list of people who receive my blog via email.  Well my dear sweets, you'll have to click onto my blog which is below every email you receive, click "kind hearted comments" just under this blog post to leave a comment in order to  enter the contest.
The deadline to enter is January 12, 2012 and the winner will be announced on January 15th. The first winner picked will be able to choose a prize first. 
See...easy peasy!   Good luck everyone!
Here is just one of the things you can do with the Martha Stewart punch.
Martha Stewart punch for the corners

Well, that's it for now.