Monday, June 28, 2010

Having a Moment

Aloha all;
Saturday after returning from a great shopping day, I continued to visit more studios and creative spaces from the blog party list. I left the computer on when I left in the morning, so that I'd remember where I left off.  I toggled back and forth from My Desert Cottage to each site (I'm only in the 'B's), then decided to check my blog to see if there was any visits or comments that I needed to respond to... I realized, my background from Shabbyblogs was missing. This happened once before but when I restarted, it came back; not this time.
With this new 'design' format from Blogger, I can't seem to do what I just got used to doing when working the blog. Then Sunday, I did manage to reload my background after some tears and deletives. Now I'm trying to change the title of one of the stand alone pages, but I can't seem to figure out how to do it. It will let me rearrange it, like putting it 1st, 2nd or third; but I can't correct it, I can't delete.  If anyone out there in blogland knows how to do this, please help!
Okay, back to the fun stuff. I've finished my little oatmeal container stool. I decided to keep it plain on the top and not tuft it. Two reasons, one, my daughter wanted to be able to take off the cover and wash it and two, how uncomfortable is it to sit on an over-sized button?
This little stool is made of 7 oatmeal containers. I hot-glued 6 containers to the center container, then wrapped duct-tape around the whole thing, making sure I tucked the tape into the creases.Taping it assures me this won't fall apart. I then hot-glued batting around the whole thing, making sure I tucked in where the dibbits (spelling?) were, again so that I could maintain the flower shape. My husband helped me cut the flower shape out of masonite for the bottom, I hot-glued it to the bottom which is hidden under the muslin lining and I cut the flower shape out of 1 inch furniture cushion foam hot-gluing it to the top, also hidden under the muslin.
The top fabric is a pink "Barbie" print with stars, flowers and the "Barbie" name, the wrap-around is a pink on pink, over-all swirly flourish print. I put a drawstring opening on the bottom so that the 'slipcover' could be removed for washing.
That's it for now--moving onto the next project.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Sharing

What a sunny and breezy day we had today here on O`ahu. I spent most of it indoors today babysitting three grand daughters while brother was being homeschooled. I was tired when I was done, but not too tired to visit BFC since I was in Pearl City. Didn't mean to spend money, but I did buy a couple of LaMode button cards.
They're the Coordination collection that I plan to use for a project. I just can't turn these projects out fast enough, too many interuptions.
So, after my little side trip, I got through the traffic and made it home to veg in front of the computer checking out more studios on "Where Bloggers Create". I'm now in the 'B's.
Since I don't like to post without photos, I thought I'd share a display of one of my collections, (not that I have so many mind you).
I have a collection of wooden bowls in different types of wood. Koa, which is very special to the people of Hawaii dominates my collection. And I have norfolk pine, mango and milo. I don't think you can see all of them in this photo. The big bowl in the center is norfolk pine and it is flanked by koa poi pounders that my .
husband won for his division of racewalking. The collection of figurines below is from Porcelain Hawaii by the Okimotos. I love how the design incorporates plumeria flowers with the portrayed Hawaiian character.
Aloha for now,

Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Weekend

Aloha everyone,
It's been a very busy weekend full of fun and celebration. Fathers' Day is a big day for our family and just the prepping alone keeps me busy. My husband doesn't like to go to a crowded noise filled restaurant to be honored on this special day. He loves backyard barbecues with his kids and grand kids. All foods made from scratch, another one of his requests, so you know the preparations of cutting vegetables, making pastry dough, cutting, peeling and coring the granny smiths, making potato/mac salad was an all day affair for me on Saturday. And as luck would have it, I was home alone, doing it all. But I was having fun.
So, in between it all, I was partying with the annual 'Where Bloggers Create'! I'm still visiting bloggers' studios and work spaces. I am in awe of how beautiful everyone's space is. Some women have just a corner of their living room, some carved out a studio in a closet, and very well organized and appealing with creativity. Of course there were charming and elegant spaces that I felt my workspace was pale in comparison. Don't think I don't appreciate my room, I'm thankful everyday that I have a place to house my endless supplies of crafting and sewing tools.I'm grateful I can walk into that room sit at one of my chairs and sew or make jewelry or a greeting card.
Last year there was 150, this year there are about 450 participants, . The list of party goers are in alphabetical order, hah, I'm still on the 'A's, 'cause I'm partying in between my chores. I'm sure it will take me quite a while to get to the end of the list, but I know I can do it.  Thank you again Karen! I'll keep your blogging party button up for a few more months in case others want to visit.
Okay, Martha and Terri, it's still Monday here in Hawaii, it's 10:07 pm so I know it's Teacup Tuesday where you both are already. I'll try to upload a couple of things in hopes I'll make it for this Teacup Tuesday.
 I think Terry from MSartist Sew Crafty does some beautiful work with teacup pincushions and it helped me remember this one that I made quite a few years back at Fiddlesticks. We were doing ribbon embroidery pincushions in a cup, then had a tea party right after class. When I checked the display case, I found I still have it, it was in the back row.
The frame in the photo is from my bff who recently moved to TX. It's gold with enamel flowers that look like they're mother of pearl instead of enamel, the photo in the frame is actually the greeting card that was received with the frame. I decided to keep it together so I can read the card now and again. The lace doily has been in my family since my grandmother's time. I have lots of doilies from both my mother and grandmother, I love using them.
Aloha for now,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where This Blogger Creates

 Having signed up for this great virtual party to share with other creatives where we create was so exciting for me. Now...I'm asking myself , what was I thinking? But I did revamp my workroom without getting my husband involved, (except for his wallet) and managed to straighten and organize my then chaotic space. There's still work to be done, but I'm assuming it to be a work in-progress, that way I won't stress over one more thing not being completed.
The upside to having a 'room of one's own' is not having  to clean up when you leave it unless you're done with the project (or not). I remember those days when I worked on the dining room table, having manic meltdowns when someone touched my "stuff" before I finished, was interrupted because of dinner preps or had an unscheduled appointment (unbeknownst to me) to tend to. Of course the downside, if any, is the
chaos that my room can turn into when frantically rushing  from one project to the next.
Here's my workroom, small but lovingly used:




 In the above photos is an area directly left of entering my room is my treadle table still waiting for the perfect machine to be installed. In the meantime, my little Singer 99k (known as a 3/4 machine)  sits there waiting to be taken to the next sewing/quilting social. In the first photo I had things piled on the top and bottom as well as the sides of this table.


Notice how little room I had on the side of the serger to do any sewing. Now I have the space I need. 

This is behind and slightly to the right of where I sit to sew.


 As you can see the 72" X 40" work table was a toss all. Now, I have room to work on this little stool for one of my grand children using oatmeal containers.




These two bakers' racks full of containers flank the sides of my worktable.
So I house fabrics of all kinds, Hawaiian prints, batiks, juvenile prints for the GCs, decorator fabrics, and fabrics for crazy quilts. Then there's containers for glues and glue guns, one for brass stencils, one for grommets and grommet pliers and there's even a container, a big one, for all my ribbons and trims. I have 2 plastic drawer towers that hold rubberstamps and ephemera that I've had for years, I just couldn't let them go.
This is my workroom and I love it. Enjoy the photos and please send me some feedback, good or bad. I love hearing from all of you.
Aloha for now,

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Quick Birthday Card

Aloha; Yesterday was hubby's birthday, so we started the day with breakfast at one of the few restaurants here in Kaneohe. Then the bd man got to do whatever he wanted;we won't go into detail. I will say that all the GC called to sing happy birthday greetings to their Boppa. So here's  a quick bd card I made for him. I used the Spellbinder Nestabilities to frame the greeting, Hawaiian bd greeting is from Rubberstamp Plantation, quickutz retro square texture folder was a gift from Ohmycrafts, I can't remember where I got the dragonfly from and finally, I used my computer to compose the  interior message, then again used the nestabilities to cut and frame the message.
I have so much cardstock and dp, I don't remember where I got them from, but thanks to following all the blogs that I do, I've been inspired to use what I have. Don't think that I don't buy anymore, just ask Cyn from Munchkins, I just bought some from her last week. LOL
Ok, so here's the card:

Monday, June 14, 2010

Month of Birthdays

Aloha oukou;
Hope everyone is fine. For me, it's been hectic. This is definitely birthday month for our family! Begins on the first with my dad and my grand-daughter. GD #1 turned 7, spent the night before her birthday, then we had an all day shopping spree on her special day the next morning. If that wasn't enough, her daddy (my son) set up a few days at a time-share in Ko`Olina. It was beautiful sunny weather, where they spent the days playing in the lagoon and/or at the pool. One of the evenings, her friends arrived with gifts in tow to help celebrate her special day. They played in the pool 'til it was dark and filled the two-bedroom suite to gobble hotdogs,  hamburgers and birthday cake. We, (grammie and boppa) visited the same day; simply amazing the non-stop energy these kids have.
Then, my daughter's son celebrated his birthday on the 11th. Again, spending the night along with shopping and fun activities with us. My husband's birthday is this Wed. on the 16th and there were about three other family members who celebrated their birthdays. Somewhere in between everyone's birthday my husband and I celebrated our anniversary.
We have these beautiful gardenia bushes in our yard, so I thought I'd share this picture with you. We like to grow fruits, vegetables and fragrant flowers like gardenias, lavendar, pikake, pakalana and puakenikeni and roses. We have lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, soy beans, bananas, papaya, orange and strawberries. Anyone else out there in blog land do a bit of gardening?

Aloha for now,

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finally Remembered

Aloha Kakou;
I finally remembered how to put a gadget onto my blog. I so wanted to be sure to put up a button to Where Women Create II. This is part of Karen Valentine's blog; she has two. and
Anyway, the button is for a party on the 19th of June that we can sign up for that will link to our blog so that everyone can see our studios or workroom or wherever we create our art. This is the second year that Karen is doing this, so I decided to sign up. We have to post pictures the night before the party, so I'll have more pictures of my workroom at that time. Check her blogs, she's very talented. She is also featured in the current issue of  Somerset's Where Women Create magazine.
In the meantime, I just wanted to share my sweet baby with all of you. She's sweet and spoiled!

Friday, June 4, 2010

5 minute quickie

This nightlight takes only 5 minutes to put together. My sweet SIL in Georgia gave me a couple of these 1/2 mini lampshades a few years ago, (that's right, I found them while gutting my workroom). They're for night lights. I hot glued the sassy trim and applique and voila! My daughter's daughters (3 of them) were so thrilled that Grammie made them something so special!
  Aloha for now,

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

promised pics

Aloha; before I get to the before and aft pics of my workroom, I noticed that when I leave a comment on peoples blogs, my profile picture sometimes shows up and sometimes an X appears. I thought the photo appears automatically. Am I doing something wrong or is there something I'm not doing? Just wondering.
Okay, so here are the before pictures:

And now....

Those black and cream containers I got from Pricebusters. I think I now know where everyone of those stores are located. Those plastic drawers that hold my thread, bobbins and small sewing notions are a last minute pick up from BFC. I may be $200+ less in the pocket book, but my workroom is so easy to get around. I no longer step over piles of stuff and I know where everything is; so roomy.
I'm still wishing for an Original Scrapbox to house my papers, card stock and stamps, but that's another post...