Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home and Recouped!

Aloha Everone!
 It's wonderful to be back home!  I didn't get back until Super-bowl Sunday; that was unexpected.  I'll tell you what happened.  But first, I want to let you know that this post doesn't have any craft subject, so if you want to visit me at a later time, I'll be sure to post about crafting then.

Ok, back to what happened.  I won't give you a blow by blow; I don't want to bore you.  While on my trip to visit my BFF in Texas,  I had what is called a TIA or mini stroke.  But I didn't know this until after we returned from our side trip to New Orleans, when I went to see a doctor who after examining me, sent me to the emergency room for a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).  Of course once the tests, (there were many), were done and it was determined what medication I needed, I thought I would be able to leave and continue with my vacation.  HAH!  I was stuck there for a few days, taking more tests.  Plus, the doctor said I wouldn't be able to fly home for at least 2 weeks.  What?!

High cholesterol and hypertension plays a big part in strokes and heart attacks, we all know that right?  But add a 7 1/2 hour plane ride without getting out of your seat to the equation.  Oh WOW!  Well according to Dr. Oz, if you don't get out of your seat and walk about during a long plane ride, you may develop a blood clot.

It was explained to me that when a mini stroke happens the clot will most times dissolve itself and the damages incurred may also disappear.  Which explains why I was able to start walking  straighter while in New Orleans.  However, this type of stroke is a message stroke, a heads up, a warning that a bigger, stronger stroke which may cause permanent damage, is on its way.  So I was very glad I didn't wait until I returned to Hawaii to see a doctor.

My husband flew up to Dallas so that he could accompany me home.  I was afraid of flying home alone fearing that something else might happen to me.
Of course, now that I'm home, I've made some lifestyle changes, I'm keeping my cholesterol and blood pressure in check, I'm exercising again, I've even lost 4 pounds.   Yeah!

So, going on a long trip?  Wear compression socks and don't forget to get up every now and again to walk a little.

Though the stroke put a little dent into my trip, I was still able to do some of the things I wanted to do.  Remember, I planned on meeting Cindy Adkins of Cindy Adkins' Whimsical Musings.  I did and it was a great meeting!  She's an amazing person, talented and so sweet.  We just didn't have enough time together.
Cyn (my BFF) and I had a great time shopping, though we only made it to one or two stores a day.  I guess I move slower and I get tired too quickly.  And we were able to sneak in some crafting time in the evening too.

Well, I'll be back soon with a craft project.  'Till then, take care of yourself.