Monday, June 14, 2010

Month of Birthdays

Aloha oukou;
Hope everyone is fine. For me, it's been hectic. This is definitely birthday month for our family! Begins on the first with my dad and my grand-daughter. GD #1 turned 7, spent the night before her birthday, then we had an all day shopping spree on her special day the next morning. If that wasn't enough, her daddy (my son) set up a few days at a time-share in Ko`Olina. It was beautiful sunny weather, where they spent the days playing in the lagoon and/or at the pool. One of the evenings, her friends arrived with gifts in tow to help celebrate her special day. They played in the pool 'til it was dark and filled the two-bedroom suite to gobble hotdogs,  hamburgers and birthday cake. We, (grammie and boppa) visited the same day; simply amazing the non-stop energy these kids have.
Then, my daughter's son celebrated his birthday on the 11th. Again, spending the night along with shopping and fun activities with us. My husband's birthday is this Wed. on the 16th and there were about three other family members who celebrated their birthdays. Somewhere in between everyone's birthday my husband and I celebrated our anniversary.
We have these beautiful gardenia bushes in our yard, so I thought I'd share this picture with you. We like to grow fruits, vegetables and fragrant flowers like gardenias, lavendar, pikake, pakalana and puakenikeni and roses. We have lettuce, tomatoes, green onions, soy beans, bananas, papaya, orange and strawberries. Anyone else out there in blog land do a bit of gardening?

Aloha for now,


  1. WOW, lots of birthdays. Love your flowers they are gorgeous!!

  2. Hi: We will miss you at Tea Cup Tuesday. But you are doing the most important thing. Celebrating with your family. I love birthdays. They always make us remember someone we love in a special way. Have a wonderful time partying. Blessings, Martha


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