Friday, May 28, 2010

Glad To Be Back

Aloha Kakou;
I'm so very glad to be back! I couldn't stand to be away from my computer for so long. The main thing is my workroom is 90% organized; still have some things to cull through. I'll have pictures up soon.
I have 5 trashbags of fabric to donate to Goodwill; somethings went to my daughter, and some will be going to the senior center. My poor husband still can't figure out how all that was in my workroom and yet my room still has "stuff" in it. I'll just let him dwell on it.
Ok, so, I didn't get everything done that I said I would, the koa furniture still have old covers on them, but at least I know where the fabric is located now. Hah!
I remember reading in someone's blog about a recliner that needed a new cover so I thought I'd share with all of you out there in blogland what I did to a recliner that was given to us. The recliner didn't match anything in our house so we used to put a throw on it. Then we used a 'SureFit' stretch knit cover that kept slipping off. I finally decided to make my own slipcover. Because of moving parts in the recliner, the slipcover was made in 6 parts. Take a look. 


I also made a cover in the same print for a rattan pune`e (daybed) that  I acquired in a barter for making slipcovers for someone else.
All right, I'm having blog withdrawals, so I'm going to check out everyone's blog.


  1. I love how you covered your recliner! It looks brand new! I like to sew, but sewing a cover for my recliner would be out of the question... I don't think I would have the patience for that!

  2. Wow, that came out Beautiful! Love the material.


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