Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oh My, It's Been A Year!

Yes, it's been a year since I've posted my blog.  Not only did time elude me, but so did the aspect of why I used to enjoy blogging.  I mean, I wasn't even sure if anyone really read my blog.  It was quicker to post a pic on FB and get a response then to blog.  However, I realized that blogging is for me to journalize the things I enjoy making or to express opinion on the topic of choice.  So, I'm back and post I will.
First things first, my husband and I have become grand parents for the tenth time!  Yes, I said tenth.  My daughter gave birth this summer to her seventh child, her last she said.
I'm still busy making jewelry and sewing.  Some of which I have photos and some sent out without remembering to photograph.
Here is one project I worked on this summer.

I've re-covered my pune'e (day bed).  My ocean theme was stenciled using about 4 different colors to get the shade I wanted.  I hope to have some cushions ready for sale by the end of October. 

When my best friend came to visit this August, we shopped, crafted, gathered shells and driftwood from the beach and ate all her favorite local foods.  Most times we'd eat a late lunch, then couldn't eat dinner.  Or we would craft all day, not eat lunch, and be so hungry for dinner we didn't know what to eat!   
Here's what we made one day.

Sterling silver with FW and Tahitian pearls
  Actually, my friend made way more than that. Cyn made enough that she won't  forget what to do when she returns home.

Well, that's it for now.