Monday, June 21, 2010

Great Weekend

Aloha everyone,
It's been a very busy weekend full of fun and celebration. Fathers' Day is a big day for our family and just the prepping alone keeps me busy. My husband doesn't like to go to a crowded noise filled restaurant to be honored on this special day. He loves backyard barbecues with his kids and grand kids. All foods made from scratch, another one of his requests, so you know the preparations of cutting vegetables, making pastry dough, cutting, peeling and coring the granny smiths, making potato/mac salad was an all day affair for me on Saturday. And as luck would have it, I was home alone, doing it all. But I was having fun.
So, in between it all, I was partying with the annual 'Where Bloggers Create'! I'm still visiting bloggers' studios and work spaces. I am in awe of how beautiful everyone's space is. Some women have just a corner of their living room, some carved out a studio in a closet, and very well organized and appealing with creativity. Of course there were charming and elegant spaces that I felt my workspace was pale in comparison. Don't think I don't appreciate my room, I'm thankful everyday that I have a place to house my endless supplies of crafting and sewing tools.I'm grateful I can walk into that room sit at one of my chairs and sew or make jewelry or a greeting card.
Last year there was 150, this year there are about 450 participants, . The list of party goers are in alphabetical order, hah, I'm still on the 'A's, 'cause I'm partying in between my chores. I'm sure it will take me quite a while to get to the end of the list, but I know I can do it.  Thank you again Karen! I'll keep your blogging party button up for a few more months in case others want to visit.
Okay, Martha and Terri, it's still Monday here in Hawaii, it's 10:07 pm so I know it's Teacup Tuesday where you both are already. I'll try to upload a couple of things in hopes I'll make it for this Teacup Tuesday.
 I think Terry from MSartist Sew Crafty does some beautiful work with teacup pincushions and it helped me remember this one that I made quite a few years back at Fiddlesticks. We were doing ribbon embroidery pincushions in a cup, then had a tea party right after class. When I checked the display case, I found I still have it, it was in the back row.
The frame in the photo is from my bff who recently moved to TX. It's gold with enamel flowers that look like they're mother of pearl instead of enamel, the photo in the frame is actually the greeting card that was received with the frame. I decided to keep it together so I can read the card now and again. The lace doily has been in my family since my grandmother's time. I have lots of doilies from both my mother and grandmother, I love using them.
Aloha for now,


  1. Wow! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! Gorgeous work!

    Thank you for entering my candy and good luck to you!


  2. Love your beautiful teacup pincushion! I have not YET tried ribbon embroidery. I used to admire it as I watched Martha Pullen demonstrate some on her t.v. show, "Martha's Sewing Room". I loved that show, but they took it off the air (at least where I'm at). Guess I'll have to see if she has any books out!... Enjoy your day, and have a great weekend! ~tina

  3. I hope you get equally as special treatment on mother's day! Your teacup pincushion is sweet. I love ribbon embroidery but haven't done any for quite some time. Connie


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