Saturday, October 30, 2010

On the Eve of Halloween

Happy Halloween all you spook-a-holics out there.
My husband and I were lucky enough to be invited to an annual Halloween party with a new costume theme every year. This year was an ethnicity theme and it had to be an ethnicity that we weren't. I am not Japanese, so I went as a Geisha, my husband went as an Arabian. Trying to get from our neighborhood of the island to another was interesting with all the stares from other drivers and their passengers. But, you can see why!

By the way, when these pictures were taken, my husband didn't know he had his costume on backwards! He had to take his costume off and turn it around when we got to the parking lot of the party.
 Of course who'd have thought there would be another exact Arab there! The girl in the middle came up to my husband thinking he was her partner during the course of the evening; she was so good natured and fun. She just said, "Oops, you're not mine."
Hope you all have a safe and Happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mahalo Nui Loa and Happy Halloween

Aloha Everyone;
Hope all is well and safe with everyone. Weather changes have been drastic all around, I'm getting addicted to the Weather Channel.
I just got a wonderful package in the mail today, filled with omiyage (gifts) from Joy! Mahalo nui loa (very big thank you) Joy! It was fun to take Flat Leilani around with me, I'm sure she'll stop by for a visit from time to time.
Mahalo nui loa to Brenda too! I received some great goodies from her when she delivered my order. It was great seeing you again Brenda. I haven't started using my new toys yet, but I will. I've been busy with Halloween treats for the grand babies.
I learned to make an easy box and top without using a diecut machine. It's big enough to fill it with lots of sweets and treats; 4" square. Easy definitely, making 7 of them for 7 GCs definitely takes time.
quick and easy-full of sweet treats!

  My DD asked me to make a birthday card for her friend's little girl, who just happens to love Hello Kitty. So, I had to throw something together quickly; her birthday is this weekend. I love using my Cricut, when it comes to HK-I can make them in different sizes.
This black kitty is a cutie!

I've been working on a tutorial for the tea light cake; hope to have it up in a day or so. For now, keep on crafting, keep on creating.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Fun Cardmaking and New Friends

Aloha Everyone,
I love doing new things and this weekend I did just that. I spent the good part of Saturday having such a wonderful time making great greeting cards. I stamped, punched, embossed, cut, glued and tied. Just look what I made!
slider card
Cool favors from Brenda
 I know this group of wonderfully talented girls worked hard at putting this event together because it was well organized. In our packages there were 4 packets with enough material to make 3 cards of each design; that's 12 cards in one day! The packages were personalized with our names on them and we had favors of the upcoming holiday.
There were door prizes, raffles and tons of items to buy. We were also able to participate in a silent auction, how cool is that.
I've already signed up for the next event, can't wait to see what's in store next.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Metis Linen Giveaway!

Aloha Everyone;
I'm so excited about Laura Ingalls-Gunn's and her partner Andrea Drexelius' giveaway. It's a basketful of beautiful French Linen. Please go visit her site: 
If you like vintage and French styles please stop and have a look. Laura has 2 blogspots, the one mentioned above and If you want to enter the contest, please go to 
I've entered and I sure would love to win.