Friday, June 25, 2010

Just Sharing

What a sunny and breezy day we had today here on O`ahu. I spent most of it indoors today babysitting three grand daughters while brother was being homeschooled. I was tired when I was done, but not too tired to visit BFC since I was in Pearl City. Didn't mean to spend money, but I did buy a couple of LaMode button cards.
They're the Coordination collection that I plan to use for a project. I just can't turn these projects out fast enough, too many interuptions.
So, after my little side trip, I got through the traffic and made it home to veg in front of the computer checking out more studios on "Where Bloggers Create". I'm now in the 'B's.
Since I don't like to post without photos, I thought I'd share a display of one of my collections, (not that I have so many mind you).
I have a collection of wooden bowls in different types of wood. Koa, which is very special to the people of Hawaii dominates my collection. And I have norfolk pine, mango and milo. I don't think you can see all of them in this photo. The big bowl in the center is norfolk pine and it is flanked by koa poi pounders that my .
husband won for his division of racewalking. The collection of figurines below is from Porcelain Hawaii by the Okimotos. I love how the design incorporates plumeria flowers with the portrayed Hawaiian character.
Aloha for now,


  1. Your wooden bowl collection is gorgeous. I had a friend that turned wooden bowls on a lathe as a hobby - it's amazing to watch as they are formed!

    Wishing you a lovely day!

  2. What a nice collection of all these wood items. Koa is so scarce now and very expensive. My SIL is part owner of Blair Hawaii and the used to have a lot of koa items, then more of monkeypod, milo, etc. She gave us a koa coffee table that we treasure. I can imagine your home looks like a musem with all your beautiful antiques and treasures! I love the Muriel (?) Okimoto vases and only have a couple left (someone dropped one!) and yes, the plumerias on her work is pretty. Thanks for stopping by, and I wish you a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Cami


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