Friday, May 21, 2010

Going MIA

Aloha kakou;
Just when I thought I was in my groove with my posting, I need to take care of some things before I can continue. First, my redoing of the workroom is beginning to overwhelm me. There's just too much stuff! The guest room looks like a hoarder's room right now as I clear space in the workroom. Those guys from the tv show are going to show up soon. I think the senior center and Goodwill will really appreciate my donations this time around.
Secondly, I have a vintage Singer machine arriving soon that will be put into my treadle cabinet, but the iron part of the cabinet needs to be redone; it's been sitting for a few years with things piled high on it.
Finally, I bought new cushions last year for my koa furniture that must be covered. Which I did start to cut out, but...
So, once I get the workroom done, or decently done, I can get to work on the other things.
I did promise myself an hour a day to check blogs; don't want to miss anything.
Aloha no,


  1. good luck with everything... hope to see you back soon!

  2. We will miss you. Take card of all your stuff, and hurry back!!

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