Thursday, March 17, 2011

Na Lei Keepsake

Aloha Oukou,
I have a couple of occasions that are coming up soon that require some lei giving. However, this time around, I've decided to give a lei made of novelty yarn instead of fragrantly fresh flowers that, I know, are abundant year-round here in Hawaii.  So, why would anyone want to make a yarn lei instead of a fresh flower lei? The yarn lei becomes a keepsake memory (is that being redundant?) of the occasion the lei was given for; it won't die like the flower lei.
Anyway, here's one finished and one more being made.
3-straw novelty yarn lei
This lei is made using three straws as opposed to the one-straw lei that are round when finished; this lei is flat, though dimensional, made to resemble a "Maunaloa" orchid flower lei. Most of you here in Hawaii would know what I'm talking about. Those of you not ma`a (familiar) with the different lei techniques, when we make a lei using yarn and ribbon, we try to make them look like a particular flower grown here in Hawaii.  In this case it's the Maunaloa orchid with fern.
Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. I learned how to make this by watching Daven, who was on The Joy of Crafting, demonstrate how to do this using 3 straws.  You can nab some straws from McDs, but for this project they might be too flimsy, or you can just pick up some of these purple ones from BFC(BenFranklin Crafts) @ .75 a piece; very sturdy. By the way, there are many volumes of lei making books at BFC if anyone is interested.  I believe this lei is in one of those books. Thank you Joy for hosting The Joy of Crafting!
Have a great weekend!
Aloha for now,

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  1. Hi: I think this is a wonderful idea. I wish you all the luck. They are truly beautiful. Blessings, Martha


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