Monday, March 14, 2011

creating everyday

Aloha oukou,
Blessings and prayers to everyone affected by Japan's earthquake, tsunami and other atrocities; the latest threat being the nuclear plants that were damaged.  What little damage Hawaii sustained is nothing compared to what's happening in Japan right now.
I've been keeping busy and trying to stay positive.  I've made a couple of cardstock purses and decorated them for 2 GCs, unfortunately they got to them before I could photo them. I was playing with the Eclips machine and trying to get used to it, so I cut out a couple of scalloped purses.  I think I need to be a little more patient with the process of learning this time around. The more I play with this machine the more things I'm finding out about how to maneuver the icons and instructions on the handheld. Still, I can't seem to let go of my Cricut. My reason is quite simple.  I learned that Eclips doesn't have license to put out a Disney or Hello Kitty cartridge.  Hellooo?   That's 95% of my GCs requests!  Now I need more space to house not one but two machines! I'm slowly taking over the middle room (guest room), my bigshot is already in there.
A while back my husband finished renovating our bedroom bathroom and the window treatment was not done because I didn't know what to do.  Plus, I couldn't find anything on the market for what I had in mind.  Until that is, I saw some placemats in Ross's the other day.  This is what I did:
3 placemats
Because of the "art deco" "art noveau" look of the way the tile and border was made, I didn't want a full curtain or full shade, besides the window is high enough that no one can see in unless they're on a ladder. But I couldn't find just a "valance" size piece of shade.  This to me is just fine.
Here's more pics of parts of the bathroom:
wicker shelving across from the "bowl"
my corner and handheld
my husband's overhead shower
The grandchildren call this the rain forrest; they love how the water can come from both the overhead and the handheld at the same time (they figured that out by accident).
I think in these pictures the green in the tile doesn't come through, but the tile has a green shade to it and the border is a combination of tiny glass tiles with a black ceramic border.  The glass colors are different shades of green with some black running through it and it comes on a 12x12 inch mesh.  What my husband did was cut the mat with tile intact so that he could create the border.  For some of you who know my husband, when he does something, he goes wild with the idea.  My entire tiny bathroom is tiled from the floor, up the walls to the ceiling.  If I didn't put my foot down, he would have tiled the ceiling!
Okay, I know this post is long so I'll end here.  See you all in a few days!


  1. hahaha..he wouldve tiled the ceiling :) too funny! the valance, so creative!! TFS :)

  2. glad to hear that you've been busy crafting and that your hubby has finished the bathroom! wonderful job!

  3. My you've been busy! Nice pics of the bathroom! :) Haven't given into the Eclips yet, although tempting. I just have way too much stuff!

  4. Beautiful bathroom! Glad to hear you are playing around with the Eclips. Think of getting one as well but I don't have room on my desk maybe I'll take over the dinner room table. LOL.

  5. When are you coming to visit me in GA! Love the work that you've done and the valance, great idea! Also, pinch my brother for me and let him know Dad would be proud of him! Aloha, Nomi


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