Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend Fun

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I didn't mean to be away for so long, things just happened. I had too many sleep overs with the grand babies; it was fun but tiring. Then, unfortunately, both my daughter and I caught some kind of bad cold; I'm still trying to get back to 100%.
My weekend started Thursday night at the Waikiki Aquarium enjoying the Willy K concert, he gives more than 100% when he entertains.
Saturday was the start of the Haleiwa Art Festival; it's a two day Fest. So, I wanted to go on Saturday because I knew that a fellow blogger was going to be there and I wanted to meet her. She taught her fabric painting class at this years Hawaii Quilt Conference earlier this month and now she's at the art festival selling her beautiful hand painted quilts, cushions and gift items.. Her name is Sonja Hagemann and her blog is
Tomorrow, I think I need to veg. seems like my cold is trying to do a comeback. Might be a good time for me to get some beadwork done. I started a bead project last week, but pushed it to the side when I started to feel this cold coming on.
So, here's Sonja at today's Festival:


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  1. hi CG!
    fun to meet u you at the fair. glad u could see what i do on my spare out loud with soft colors and fabric, mostly! thanks for posting pix. Sat i forgot my camera, Sun was too busy to use it . today feets up for me too.til next Saturday next when have a small class to teach! did i say my hair cut lady bought a flute from your hubby's friend. i hope her gran boy learns to play. i love the chacohachi even if i spelled off, the sound is like stories on the wind!


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