Thursday, July 22, 2010

Flat Leilani

Well, things have certainly been busy around here. I'm working on a couple of purses; tiny ones. On one of them I'm doing bead work, using a free-form peyote stitch. The other one, you've actually seen the flat product with crazy quilting and bead work, so it's taking a bit of time.
But, I wanted to share with you a sweet little thing, her name is Flat Leilani. I believe she's cousin to Flat Stanley, some of you if you have young school children may have heard of him. Joy from Joy of Crafting, started this and Flat Leilani is on her blog; I just post a few photos of her. When I got her PDF form, I decided I would fit her with a coconut bra top, so I used coconut buttons strung onto some embroidery floss for that.  I used the same floss for her "rubba slippas"; check out her feet. I then used some scrap fabric for her pareo. I love this new thing called soft petal and I used it to make a  lei that is on her head. She's such a darling, don't you think?

Here's Flat Leilani in my strawberry garden.

See her slippers in this 2nd photo? She's taking some time to smell my lavender.

We all had a wonderful time at the Haleiwa Art
Festival this past weekend, Hoku (my sweet dog)
and my husband (see his hands?).

Aloha for now;

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  1. Hi: What a wonderful idea. You look like you are having great fun. Have a wonderful week as well. Blessings, Martha


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