Sunday, November 6, 2011

In Honor of My Mom

Aloha everyone,
My mother transitioned January 1, 2009, her birthday was November 1.  I spend her birthday thinking of her and all that she did for me and my siblings.  I think of how she loved her work and how intense her energy was that she put into her work.  But she also played well too.  She loved going to Las Vegas, she loved her music, especially Hawaiian music.
It takes me a while to get out of a little slump that I fall into on her birthday.  So I thought I would do a digi scrap page dedicated to her.  Just something quick, and it did get me flowing into the creative direction again.
Daisy Fung Har Fo Lee


  1. Oh your mother was a beauty! I love how you have honored her.

    Thank you for your sweet thoughts and prayers.

  2. What a nice way to remember your mom! I find that crafting helps me to heal as well... Thank you for sharing!

  3. Aww. This is so sweet!

    This post just reminded me of my mom. I am thousand miles away from her. I miss her.


  4. Hello there - found your blog through a blog party ... aren't they fun? Love your site and truly appreciate how you honored your Mom. My own passed from this life as well and I miss her every single day. I'm a Grammy too, and love creativity! - come visit anytime @

  5. Hi Wayna,
    Oh gosh, I had not been over here to see this--How completely beautiful, my friend and what a gorgeous tribute to your mother--Your collage is exquisite...Oh wow, you could frame it. Your mother sounds like the most beautiful person...Thank you so much for sharing this with us. xo Cindy

  6. What a beautiful tribute to your mother. I am so glad i popped by today.
    have a lovely weekend
    hugs June x

  7. Your mom was so beautiful. This is a great way to honor her, is ok to miss the ones we love. I'm always trying to honor my dad, by trying to be a good person. I still miss him at times, it's been over 20 years. Sending blessings your way.

  8. Such a sweet and loving post. Sending hugs your way...
    ~ Zuzu

  9. Your mother was so pretty and would be so proud to see how you honored her memory. That is a lovely tribute.
    Thank you so much for stopping by. Your blog is a joy and I am not following,

  10. This is a beautiful way to honor her memory. xoxo

  11. I can see that you have such loving memories of your Mother. You have honored her with grace.

    Thank you so much for your well wishes for my recovery, it means so much!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  12. Hi Wayna,
    I just wanted to pop over and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  13. I miss tutu. Great pictures. I still remember visiting with you and her coming upstairs even though she was feeling so weak and then scolding Noah. It was the funniest sight.

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