Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Aloha everyone,
I hope everyone is having a safe and fun Halloween.  Every year my husband and I attend a wonderful Halloween party hosted by Mahina and Todd Hugo.  They are a wonderful couple with big hearts.  The theme for the costumes change every year.  Last year it was to dress up in an ethnicity that you were not.  So last year I was a Geisha, and my husband was an Arabian knight; I did upload pics of that on my blog last year.  So this year we had to dress up as cartoon or comic characters.  I just felt so lazy and un imaginative so it was suggested I be Bat Woman since I could borrow a costume from my daughter; husband already had his Batman Costume from years before.  So here we are:
Mr & Mrs  Batman
I made these cute Halloween treat bags for the GCs.  I used the Sizzix fry-box die and some K&Co. Halloween Pack cardstock to make them.
Treats for my Sweets
Be safe and thanks for your visit.


  1. Cute favors! I'm cure the GC loves them! And ooh, I love your costumes! It's perfect!

  2. Happy Halloween, your costumes are wonderful and I love your treat boxes. hug Jodie from Oz :)

  3. Looks like you had a fun Halloween, too!Love the favors, I just love that french fry box, it comes in so handy!

  4. Oooh what awesome costumes! Love it! And you are so wonderful with the goody bags! For me .. I just grab candy and put it in their bags! LOLOL!!!!


  5. Haha! You guys look cute in your costumes. Thanks for the treats! I ate it all. Oh my...

  6. It is fun dressing up in costumes isn't it? I love to dress as a pirate because I love boots! Did you wear boots for your batwoman costume?


  7. Wow! You really ARE a Creative Grammie! I love seeing the work of creative people. Have you ever seen Just Jingle's blog? She's creative like you, and it's so cool to see. I'm signing up to follow!

  8. Oh WOW, Wayna, what amazing costumes and bags!!! I hope you had a FUN Halloween!!!

  9. You folks look great in your costumes. I love the halloween bags. Thanks for coming trick or treatin with us again. It's getting so wild


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