Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Son's Birthday Card, Cart Rebirth

Aloha everyone,
December 1 is my son's birthday, but I wasn't able to get his card to him 'til a few days ago.  I love it when he comes to visit with his children.  When he came to visit Sunday I gave him his card.   He's a firefighter, so I wanted to use the La-La Land stamp I got some time ago.
He's so cute! Just like my son...

I don't think he reads my blog, so I don't think he'll see that.  Heehee.

My sister-in-law has been cleaning and decluttering the "family" house for some time now.  And she called me and asked if I wanted the cart/table that used to be my mother-in-laws table.  No one else wanted it and I didn't want it to be a cast off. So I said yes, besides I've always loved that table. Well the brass parts needed sanding as it started pitting, I didn't particularly care for the wheels. The glass surface has some pretty art work, however it was a powder blue with white and gold which didn't match my bedroom.  what I did to fix that was turn the glass over so only the white and gold could be seen.   I then asked my husband if he could paint it and change the wheels.  So it went from this:

To this:
My new bedside table

I know I'll have my little nightlight, pencil box, photos and little clock on the top, but I'm not sure if I want to just put a plant on the bottom or something else.  I absolutely love how my repurposed piece of furniture looks now with the new coat of paint to match the base of my floor lamp.


  1. Hi Wayna,
    Oh I love your cart--how fabulous!! And I adore the card for your son--I hope he had a Happy Birthday!!

    I hope my envelope got to you--I mailed it a couple of weeks ago and hope it arrived! xo Cindy

  2. Such a talented couple, you two are! Happy to hear Hoku's feeling better!

  3. that is just a beautiful table. i bet your SIL wants it back now! hope your fur baby is doing better. take care! happy bday to your son too!

  4. Love that table, gosh I hope none of my kids destroy it, I would be so sick. It's so girly!


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