Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reunions, BFF, and Turtles

Aloha everyone!
It's been a fun summer, though very busy.  Summer seems so hot on the mainland, so being here was a treat for my BFF, Cyn.  She arrived on the 4th of August and flew home on the 16th; home being TX.  Can we say HOT?
We did some serious crafting and sewing.  Cyn must have cut about fifty tags with the Cricut to take home for her "Ladies Night"meeting; they'll be decorating them when they meet.
We took some time to visit Cyn's cousin, my classmate Priscilla.  She and her husband Bill own "A Place In Time" located in Kailua.  I hope to have a button on my sidebar for their place soon.  In the meantime click here to see their site Their store is spacious and full of sample cards, scrapbooks, boxes, tags etc. along with all the tools and supplies.  If you find the time, you must visit their store; definitely eye candy. While there we learned how to make a 'forever card', otherwise known as an infinity card.  (I'll  tell you more on that in another post).
Back at my workroom we also played with my Bigshot.  Now Cyn is going home to buy herself a BigShot and some diecuts after she saw samples of things I made using the Bigshot and after she learned how easy it is to use.  I did try to talk her into getting either a Cricut or an Eclips, but it was just one of those TMI things for her.  I'll let her get used to the Bigshot for awhile. 
We didn't spend all of our time indoors, we went to the beach too.  No, we didn't swim, I don't think we even went into the water.  We picked up coral, driftwood and a few beach glass and shells.  Would you believe she took home a gallon size zip-bag of coral and shells? The driftwood was packed separately. We're not in love with the stuff, but we do craft with them.  Always thinking about and doing something creative, that's us.
While out along the north shore we stopped at my favorite place to watch the turtles play along the shoreline.
phone photo-click picture to enlarge
Back at my workroom we did some sewing.  One of the things I showed Cyn was how to make a pareo so that it wouldn't flap open while wearing it.  So off to the fabric store to pick up Hawaiian print fabric.  Don't tell, but some people in TX will be getting them as gifts.
Forgive me, I don't usually post long, but I had such a wonderful time, I just had to share.
Now in between my BFF's visit, my husband had a 60th birthday class reunion.  You know us local people, we think of anything to get together and have a celebration.  Well, DH was part of the planning committee and volunteered my services to make one of the centerpieces.  Since this was a birthday reunion, what better thing to make than a birthday cake.
Happy 60th!
This is made from a set of nesting gift boxes that I covered in the school colors. I used the Cricut design studio to weld the letters together at the top of the cake and the CHS. 
Well, Bff is home in TX,  reunion is done and I need a rest.  However, DD is about to give birth any day now.  Traditionally, I'm either in the birthing room with her or I'm with her other children.  This time (5th) I'll be with the children until they can visit mommy in the hospital.  Let you know the outcome, for now....


  1. Sounds like such a wonderful & creative time with your friend--lucky you!

    Good luck and congratulations on the birth of your new grandbaby--how exciting!

    Wishing you the loveliest day...


  2. Hi: I love spending time with my BFF. It sounds like you had a wonderful time together. I want to thank you for offering to be a shoulder for me to vent on. You are so dear, it brought me to tears to think that someone, I barely know would give of your time for me. May God richly bless you for your faithfulness. I am feeling so much better. I will however, keep you in mind next time. Hugs, Martha

  3. Oh this is so exciting that you will have a new grandchild!! What a blessing, indeed.
    I love the cake that you made--it is perfection!!! I'll bet everyone was thrilled when they saw it at the reunion!!


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