Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Month of Celebrations

It seems every family has a month that is chock full of celebrations, more than any month, whether it's birthdays or anniversaries.  For our family, June is that month.  We have 10 birthdays, our anniversary, and because it's graduation month, we have 3 of those too. We're also honoring the 5th year of the passing of our dear nephew Carl, who was a very special person and now his spirit lives on with our families and his friends.
So, I've been creating cards as quickly as I can, and getting them out just as quickly so I haven't been able to snap photos of these cards with the exception for one.  You'd think knowing how many cards I needed this month  I would start the month before.  Hah!  Here's a rush card I made for my husband for our 40th anniversary.
I got some wonderful RAKS in the mail from Joy of "Joy of Crafting"! Big mahalo Joy!
All I did was participate in Flat Leilani again, this time with her Easter bunnies surrounding her.  It was fun and the grand kids thinks it's cool that Grammie still plays with paperdolls.
It felt like Christmas opening this box of goodies
I love K &  Co.
I heard this is a hot item
These items from 'Smash' are hot and just in at Ben Franklin Crafts.  I hope I have time this weekend to check out the other 'Smash' items.
I can't wait to play with my goodies, so I'll say good bye for now.  Warm thoughts to everyone.


  1. What great goodies you got! I too love the Smash Book line! I got a whole box full of them and I even went out to get more! LOL! You'll totally love them!!! Happy 40th Anniversary!!!

  2. Wow, you are one Busy Grammie! Congratulations on your 40th anniversary, that's really great!

    I'm glad you liked your goodies and I hope you can find some time to play with them!
    Oh and Flat Leilani says "Hi!"

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Grammie! Congrats on your 40th Anniversary! I remember thinking last year, that you and your husband must've gotten married when you were both about 13,'cause you sure don't look old enough to be married that long! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. you've definitely been busy! happy anniversary to you and your hubby! love the card and your wonderful rak!

  5. Wow thats a lot to celebrate, Happy Anniversary, such a milestone too.
    Looks like you will be spending lots of time creating this month!
    Congats on your wonderful win. Lots of fun things to play with.
    hugs Lynn

  6. Oh wow, what wonderful goodies!!!! Congratulations on your win and Happy Anniversary!!! Such a happy occasion, indeed!!!

  7. I wanted to say that I am sorry for the passing of your special family member...and I pray that you share beautiful memories.

  8. Hi Grammie congratulations on 40 years marriage- we are at 31 but there were 10 prior to that with no. 1 DH. Still friends though!
    Busy times for making cards but oh! it is a lot of fun isn't it. So special to celebrate the loss of your dear nephew.
    Thank you for your lovely comment left on my blog.
    Have a great day!

  9. Wow .. that IS a lot of celebrations for the month of June! hehehe!!! HAPPY 40TH ANNIVERSARY to you and hubby!!! yayyyy!!!! Time flies so quickly doesn't it?! Beautiful card I know he will treasure always .. and such wonderful RAK'S for such a sweet person!


  10. I haven't seen the smash line in person. (small town living) but it looks like great fun. I love journaling & scrapbooking so I would probably enjoy that product line. I hope you have a Happy 4th of July & summer. Thanks for stopping by, sorry it took so long to visit. Lots going on right now. xo Theresa

  11. WOw!! Love all your organizers. Don't you just love coptic markers!!! I do:):) they are my favorite. Thanks for coming by my place. Hope to hear from you again. Oh, by the way...Soo jealous you LIVE in HAWAII !!! must be nice.:):):) ----hugs---Sandie


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