Thursday, September 30, 2010

And the Winner Is...

Aloha Everyone;
This is the last day of September and I promised a winner to be picked for my blogaversary. And by the way I did use a hat, I only had to put 3 names in it, only 3 people entered. So the winner is...Brenda Ballesteros! Congratulations Brenda! Email me with your address sweetie so that I can send the book to you.
Thank you Becky and 1luvnmama for entering the give-away. Also thank you to Teri for your comment, I so appreciate it. If you all could email me your address, I do have a token of appreciation to send the three you.
So with this done I can get on with blogging.
Last week was a very busy week for me. I was lucky enough to participate in one of my grand-daughter's school grandparents' day celebration. We made a kite that really did fly; decorated it and put it together from scratch. Because of the wet weather we couldn't go out to fly it right away, but we finally did and I was quite surprised that it stayed up as long as the wind took it. Finally we had lunch together, then I waited for school to get out, so we could go shopping; early out Wednesday.
 After a day with my grand-daughter, I spent the next day finishing the last minute details for another gc's birthday tea party for Saturday. That was fun and my daughter and I had a great time making favors. I made purse favors and dd made covered comp. books. We had a mixture of boys and girls, so we had to improvise.
We all had a grand time! Malia got great gifts, we all had great food, the children had fun fishing for prizes and dipping in and out of the wading pool. When everyone went home, hubby and I couldn't wait for bedtime.
I have an exciting fun weekend coming up, I'll be sure to to fill you in later.


  1. i can't believe i won your candy! thank you so much! btw: i love the bday goodies that you made for the birthday party... super sweet!

  2. Great photos! You're so talented and creative....Gee, I guess that's why you are The Creative Grammie!! :D

  3. Awwww! It was so sweet of you to stop by and leave a comment! Perusing your blog, it appears to me that sweetness may be your claim to fame! Thank you so very much!

  4. You most certainly are a creative grammie!
    My foremothers were all creative too...and My mom and I have been creating together off and on for years. Now our daughter has joined the ranks...I'm your newest follower!
    thanks so much for your kind words about our creative space at Dandelion House...Hope to see you again!
    Dandelion Wishes,
    Deborah Jean

  5. OH my! I luv the Hello Kitty theme! Super cute stuff . . . Congrats to Brenda! She so deserving. You really don't need to send me anything Grammie! :) I just enjoy your blog and seeing what you come up with. Have a great day!


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