Friday, April 9, 2010

Collage and Assemblage

With magazines from Stampington and Co. like Somerset Studio, Artful Blogging and Somerset Life, I've noticed the collage and assemblage terminologies. These magazines by the way are some of my favorites. The assemblage art in these magazines have a different genre than that of the cardmaking blogs that I follow, yet I like both varieties.
I think that the Victorians were the first to do any type of collage with their crazy quilts, assembling them with the assorted embroidery stitches. Now, this type of quilting have evolved into art quilts and much more have been added to enhance these art quilts, much of which can be seen in Art Quilt magazine. Of course I still love the Victorian crazy quilts and have had the pleasure of taking classes from renown author and crazy quilter Judith Baker Montano and Marion Speers to learn crazy quilting, also known now as insane quilting. I'll try to put up a sample of one of the pieces I'm currently working on. 
Now, about assemblage, that would include all card makers.  How long have we been collecting card stock, fancy papers, ephemera, rubberstamps and other found objects to create our cards. I've attended my share of rubberstamp conferences in Vegas. I remember hosting Stampin' Up parties with Joelle back in the early 90s. Each card is an assemblage and/or collage art.  So, whether we crazy quilt, make cards, or create scrapebook pages, we are all collage, assemblage artists.
Have a great weekend, Aloha.

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