Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aloha and Happy New year! Hard to believe this first month is almost over. I did manage to get some pack and go bags, and feeding capes completed. Getting the package headers took some time, but they look fine for now.
I also played with some cardstock purses and decided to share them with some friends at a tea party. K&Company has books of beautiful double-sided precut purses, flowers and tags. All you do is punch them out, fold on the score lines to form your little box or purse and hold them together with double stick tape or glue. Embellishing them is the fun part. Pre-sticky rhinestones, pearls, ribbons, strings of pearls, tiny colorful brads and eyelets are just a few of the decorative embellishments. Fill them with goodies, I put teabags in mine for the tea party, but treats like candies will do also. These make such unexpected favors for such socials.

Pack and Go for diapers and wipes

K&Company cutout purses


  1. What a great project, thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love how your blog has a variety of craft projects!


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