Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Easter with family and friends!
Flat Leilani is back.  I forgot where I put her; took me a while to find her, but here she is with some Easter bunny friends.
We were at my daughter's farm yesterday for our big family Easter celebration, I didn't dare take Leilani and her white bunnies to the farm. So, all the colorful eggs and baskets full of treats were gone before I could do a photo. However, in my backyard, Leilani along with her bunny friends were happy to pose for me.

These darling bunnies decided to go Easter egg hunting, look what they found! Actually, I think they raided my chicken coop.  These eggs are from my chickens! Yummy, organic and full of nutrition.
Blessings to all!


  1. well, every day is a egg hunt over here! .we have many hens .i trade them for stuff or give them away and one friend leaves their empty egg cartons in my mailbox early in the morning! flat girl is cute ! aloha , sonja

  2. Glad you and Leilani and the bunnies had a great Easter!


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